Nepal, a kingdom in the Himalayas that offers the highest mountains in the world, a cultural heritage that is among the richest in Asia and tropical jungles teeming with exotic wildlife. Nepal will enrapture you with its natural and cultural diversity Nepal will enrapture you with its natural and cultural diversity... Read More >>

Tibet, name evokes feeling of awe and mystery. A land of ancient Buddhist culture awesome landscapes, artistic monasteries, exotic cities hidden valleys and centuries- old caravan trails, Tibet offers a totally different experience. Known as the Roof of the world, it is the destination for the ultimate thrill-... Read More >>

The official estimate of Bhutan's population in 1990 was about 600,000 but other sources estimate the population for 2000 was just under 2 million. Those living in Bhutan of Nepali origin have been excluded from the official census since 1990 which results in such a large discrepancy in population numbers... Read More >>

The saying 'Small is beautiful', is amply demonstrated by the tiny mountain state of Sikkim. With the grandeur of her mountain peaks, verdant valleys, fast flowing rivers, terraced hills and floral wealth, a visit to Sikkim is a rare and unique experience. Situated on the eastern Himalayas, in the shadow of... Read More >>

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